Charlotte's Quilt
In 2004 Friendship Force International created a Legacy Fund in honor of the founder, Wayne Smith.  The Dayton Friendship Force Club pledged $9000 to this fund.  The fund was established to help develop Friendship Force clubs in regions and countries that are without clubs.
Charlotte Paugh (photo), a Dayton FF member of long standing, and an expert quilt maker, offered to create a quilt that could be raffled to raise some of the pledge money.
The quilt, shown above, is called "Explosion of Color in the Northern Sky" because of the fabrics used. The 100% cotton, hand dyed fabrics were chosen from the Aurora Borealis and Glacier Park collection designed by Carol Fallert Byers.  The technique used to design it was "Stack and Slash".  The batting is 80/20 and the quilt was machine pieced and quilted.  It is a queen size 85 x 100.

Actual construction required 144 hours.  A legend appears on the back giving name, technique, purpose and listing all of the countries visited by Dayton FF from 1979-2006.

The quilt was donated by Charlotte to Dayton Friendship Force, and has been appraised for $1800.  The quilt raised $2715 for the Legacy fund, and was won by Bill and Joan Blaine at the annual picnic in July, 2006. You may contact Charlotte at
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