Friendship Force is an international organization with the common objective of promoting peace by creating friendships between individuals throughout the world.

This is accomplished through "exchanges".  Ambassadors volunteer to visit other countries and be home-hosted by volunteers in that country.  This provides direct but informal people-to-people contact between hosts and ambassadors.

The Friendship Force of Dayton has been active in exchanges with international friends since 1980. We have hosted hundreds of world citizens in our homes over the past 26 years, and have visited and been home-hosted in many countries. Lasting and rewarding friendships have been made throughout the world.

Exchanges are typically one week in length. An Exchange Director is appointed from the visiting club and the host club, and they are responsible for making all the arrangements.  Registration meetings for interested members are announced well in advance, and workshops are held to prepare ambassadors and host for their coming experience. Often, several days of additional sight-seeing is offered as an option, beyond the normal home-hosting.  Our exchanges typically accommodate 20 to 25 members, and exchanges are usually scheduled at least a year in advance.

When Friendship Force ambassadors from other cities visit Dayton we open our homes to our guests, hosting a couple, or just one person as space allows. It is not necessary for any member to host visiting ambassadors. Those having the time and space and interest are encouraged to do so, and other Dayton Friendship Force members may get involved by being "day hosts", providing transportation for visiting ambassadors as they participate in the various activities scheduled in the program.

There are more than 350 Friendship Force clubs worldwide, and Friendship Force of Dayton is the oldest and largest in Ohio.  We are always interested in new members, and an application form may be found

Friendship Force Mission
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